I have worked in the same trade for sixteen, almost seventeen years. It is wild for me to grasp that at times. I really know my stuff and there is little I come across that I can’t figure out. Of course, I am always learning but that is the nature of everything. I think about what I do an almost unhealthy amount of time. I believe I allow my job to cause me an unreasonable amount of stress. I am coming to realize this is could very well be self-inflicted. I work for a very tenacious successful owner who dreams of making his company the best, he has an answer, a confidence and an air about him of a person who knows what he wants and will pursue it no matter what. After sixteen years I am starting to see in part why I am not satisfied  where I am at at work. This is not my dream.

How is it that this happens? I think it can be a subtle trap. You have a good job with a company that has a good vision for what they do and think this is what I am supposed to do. The demands of someone else s  dream can be exhausting. Granted the drive of any career can be exhausting. I am coming to a place where I know this job will not satisfy me. I know what I do and I will confidently and do it with integrity. Part of this integrity is me deciding I will not live and die in another man’s dream. This involves me learning to relax when no one else around me would choose to. At this point it is the only healthy choice.

My dreams do not include plumbing. They are my family and living functionally and whole. Being a loving husband and father. Loving people around me. Building genuine friendships in community.  Having fun along the way, before I retire!  I also want to counterstrike against the negative messages that are meant to be the good news but leave people feeling shamed and excluded (stay tuned on this front). These are just the tip of the iceberg but I know it is where Father wants me to live.  So, when my boss ticks me off or I get stressed at the nature of my career at this point I am going to choose to be thankful for my job and own the fact that I am not responsible for someone else’s  dream, do what I know I can and let things fall where they may. Their junk is not mine and I am learning to not pick it up as if it is. This is my life. This is your life. Live it from your heart and don’t carry another persons dream as if it where you own.