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Do we want to be good? Does humanity have a want to be good? Does America want to be good? Do Christians want to be good?

These questions have been on my heart as I watch all the horrible geopolitical happenings in the world the past few weeks.

Do we ever ask ourselves this? Or do we want to be rational, logical and right?  Are we more concerned with a persona than persons? Are we blind to our own wickedness?

I believe humans have the tendency towards blindness.  The questions are not; do we do good? We (all humanity) do do good in this world.  I know and get the selfishness in the world.  There is evil.  However, is it possible to overcome evil with good?  Or must evil be fought, defeated and destroyed? And how is that done without becoming that which you are fighting?

Do we want to love our neighbors? Do we want to love our enemies? Do we believe the world can be a better place?  Do we ridicule the good as impossible thus settling? If goodness can’t attain to perfection should it just be disregarded?

I want to be good. Not to score a brownie points with God (They don’t play that game).  When God made each of us they rejoiced and said “Very good!” Life, culture, religion, family dynamics immediately disagree.  I have experienced more good than I ever would’ve thought possible growing up.  Love and goodness is all around. It is steady hard work on blind spots that enables me to experience this in the here and now.

Do I want to be good? Do I want love? These are the questions the children of the Father could be brave and really look at.  Do we look to God to lead, challenge and love us to a new way of thinking or simply endorse our views, keep us healthy, save us from hell and basically stay out of our way?

I think and hope the church is tired of being shallow.

Pie in the sky, Pollyanna thinking  is not what I am saying.  To be good and walk in love is the calling of the children of God, all of us.




I know so many of us subscribe to the idea of karma. Basically what comes around goes around, you reap what you sow, etc.. It is ,what seems, the way of the world today.  The whole idea is almost soothing to us. We get the feeling that our efforts will be rewarded when we work hard and punished when we fail or do wrong. I’ve heard it said forever that karma is a Bitch but I still think this idea is much more comfortable than another idea…..Grace.

I believe grace is entirely uncomfortable to our western (most likely all)  minds. What is it about when I screw up that makes me want to pay up? Even our modern idea’s of Christianity are basically a buying off a karmic minded god with blood and death. Is this really the ideal way to live? Waiting for the scales to balance. Making sure justice is executed in every case? What if grace is really the current that drives the universe?


Karma and the basic idea of it to me is insidious. It is religion.  It allows us to separate people and define them solely upon their actions. There is no seeking to understand. It keeps us on our high horse till we fall then we work hard to get back on it.  The next time you are tempted to glory in the “universal undeniable” truth of karma, think about it and compare it with grace. Allow what is uncomfortable about grace to seep into your heart deeply because it is the standard by which you are seen. Whether you know it or not.

Grace is unmerited favor, love and acceptance. It is not glossing over wrongdoing but looking into it and redeeming it. Grace is the counter message God has sent forth into the world in Jesus. Grace is so messy. It depends upon trust that we don’t really know the full story. Grace ,seemingly, lets the guilty off the hook. Grace is vulnerability with our weakness and our strength. It is not just some theological idea we sing about sometimes. Grace restores.  Grace doesn’t make sense but it is what I believe every soul cries for.  Grace is such Good News that Christianity has almost ruined the idea, yet that doesn’t change its transcending reality.

Rest and breathe in the grace that surrounds you.


I heard a statement the other day that made sense to me,  “Wouldn’t it be better to not believe in God at all then believe in one who is never satisfied?”

Great question. What do you think?

I think I am beginning to understand my agnostic/atheist friends. They may think to some degree that believers are crazy.  Look at what has been sold a “Good News”. An angry god really would rather destroy you than look at you so he decides to destroy his son instead and then gives us the blame. Is this really the whole story? Psalm 139 says ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. In Genesis at creation when God mad mankind He said “Very good”.

I think one thing for me is I kinda did believe the above was the “Good News” for most of my journey. I know the Old Covenant (Testament) is full of confusing things about the Father and I am not glossing over those to be a jerk I just think that is why we don’t really know how to communicate the Great News of God’s Love for all!!! In Mathew Jesus says “No One knows the Father except the Son” . No one….. think about that.

I have become convinced that looking to Jesus is the only way to interpret things that make God into the angry God.  He’s not mad and Jesus was not plan B.  In 2 Cor it states “God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself” Great News, right!?!??!

As it says in the Message, “God put on flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood”

He is here for you and loves you tremendously, beyond measure! And that I believe is better to believe in!!!!

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