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Do we want to be good? Does humanity have a want to be good? Does America want to be good? Do Christians want to be good?

These questions have been on my heart as I watch all the horrible geopolitical happenings in the world the past few weeks.

Do we ever ask ourselves this? Or do we want to be rational, logical and right?  Are we more concerned with a persona than persons? Are we blind to our own wickedness?

I believe humans have the tendency towards blindness.  The questions are not; do we do good? We (all humanity) do do good in this world.  I know and get the selfishness in the world.  There is evil.  However, is it possible to overcome evil with good?  Or must evil be fought, defeated and destroyed? And how is that done without becoming that which you are fighting?

Do we want to love our neighbors? Do we want to love our enemies? Do we believe the world can be a better place?  Do we ridicule the good as impossible thus settling? If goodness can’t attain to perfection should it just be disregarded?

I want to be good. Not to score a brownie points with God (They don’t play that game).  When God made each of us they rejoiced and said “Very good!” Life, culture, religion, family dynamics immediately disagree.  I have experienced more good than I ever would’ve thought possible growing up.  Love and goodness is all around. It is steady hard work on blind spots that enables me to experience this in the here and now.

Do I want to be good? Do I want love? These are the questions the children of the Father could be brave and really look at.  Do we look to God to lead, challenge and love us to a new way of thinking or simply endorse our views, keep us healthy, save us from hell and basically stay out of our way?

I think and hope the church is tired of being shallow.

Pie in the sky, Pollyanna thinking  is not what I am saying.  To be good and walk in love is the calling of the children of God, all of us.




How do we address the humanitarian crisis of thousands of refugee children coming to the American border?  My questions are almost always more concerned with the human aspects of the crisis rather than the national. I also hope to cause those who claim a Christian belief in God to think about it in those terms as well.

Here are some questions to ponder:

Is it right to protest the children’s  arrival?

Are these children responsible for their situation? Does it matter?

Are these children my neighbor? Or are neighbors only those of my country?

Can you/I even fathom what it would be like to view the world through their eyes?

If they are sent back and massacred , are we, as a nation culpable?

What would this say about our nations identity and conscience?

Why is there an aspect of our national identity that is heartless to these little ones?

Why is this not that big a story?

What if in the whole of history, we were given the opportunity to stop the murder of children and did nothing? Will their blood cry out against us as well as the actual murderers?

If we are exceptional as a nation, why aren’t we acting exceptional in this situation?

These are the questions that burn in my heart when I see the crowds of Americans with flags, yelling “GO HOME” to the children. Our culture is truly sick.  We have tremendous resources to do whatever we want as a nation, if we deem it worthy.  I know I am not the only one. May the voice of compassion be the voice of America. May we actually live up to the image in our minds.

In the story of the Good Samaritan ( Luke 10:29-37) it is good to remember Jews and Samaritans were different culturally and didn’t care for each other at all. Yet this is a story to illustrate loving our neighbors.  Jesus also  said ” What you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” And another place He said “If anyone causes one of these  little ones to stumble it would be better for them to have a millstone tied to their neck and be thrown in the ocean.”   So, if you are a Christian , Jesus has identified Himself with these children whether you like it or not. He is the extremist.  Unfortunately, this aspect of the Gospel has been neglected in favor of fire insurance. Not a fair trade, if we want to have any positive effect in this world.

Please join me in praying for these children. Contact your congressman, senator and president and urge compassion and action to help these precious little ones.






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