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All I Can Do (Thank You) by MikesChair

I could write a love song
Tell You what I think You wanna hear
But it wouldn’t be good enough, no
Yea I could try so hard
To give it everything I’ve got
But I’m not ever gonna measure up
All I can do is thank You
For this life I never deserved
Wanna thank You for the grace
I know I don’t have to earn
You love me, You love me
Your mercy is proof
All I can do is say thank You
All I can do is say thank YouIt would have been easy
But I’m glad You never walked away
Cause Your love runs deep for me
And I see this beautiful world
And it brings tears in my eyes
And I think it’s beautiful to be free[Chorus](Thank You)
For hope, for love, for all the ways You move
For everything You do
What else can I say but thank You
Thank YouI could write a love song
Tell You what I think You wanna hear
But it wouldn’t be good enough


All I can do, all I can do, all I can do
Is say thank You
All I can do, all I can do, all I can do
Is say thank You

I heard this song for the first time the other day and wanted to throw up. I know that they are trying to say that we don’t earn God’s love and to be grateful for that fact but come on, there is a lot of baggage in this song and it is worth looking at.
Why does the American Evangelical Church insist on saying, over and over again that we are worthless and will never be good enough? Why do we have to continue to live a groveling life?  Why is nothing we do ever enough. Why are our gifts worthless? Is God so uptight and picky that he has no use for what we bring Him?
I think we have become stuck in a thinking that if we act as if anything we do is good we are somehow trying to earn God’s love so we repeatedly have to tell God we know we are crap and not worth much. How well does this work? How close can you possibly feel to a God who thinks so critically of you?  The only thing you can do is say “thank you?” ?? Seriously,???!?!?! This is the governing philosophy of the american church?

I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children who are still young and nothing but a joy to me. My love for them is not dependent  on them at all. It is constant.  A few years ago my daughter wrote me a love song. This song was so precious to my heart. Did it earn her a better place in my heart? No. Was it “good enough”? Or did that  question even come to mind?


The Bible may call us “sinners” but it also calls us children, adopted, and heirs. Why does the church insist on making sure God knows  that we know how “unworthy” we are? What is the Gospel? Doesn’t God becoming flesh and blood say something about the worth of humanity in the eyes of God? But oh no, we have to walk around hating ourselves for not measuring up to some standard God isn’t even looking at. I think this adds to the stress of what it means to be a christian today.

Our false self is what is almost always insecure, uncomfortable and “unworthy” as it tries to measure up. The persona, the act, the masks. Acting out of these to earn the approval of God or people will inevitably be a losing game. But even if my kids are acting stupid and making poor choices would their hug, laughter or conversations not be “good enough”? To some extent yes, but only because their life is limited. Not my ability to love and appreciate them in the midst of the crap. I tend to believe God’s love is even a bit more tenacious than mine.

God sees your True self. The one made in His image. His child,His love, His precious one, Beloved.
When Christ became a human he identified with you and He is now (and forever) your brother! He is your family. You are the child the Father always wanted. Your gifts, drives and passions are Spirit and life that you are giving back to the source.
So, write a love song- it’s good enough.
Enjoy this life- you deserve it.
You are of intrinsic value and always have been.
Live from your heart and share it with God and others.
The world is waiting and longing for people to reveal who they really are.

I know so many of us subscribe to the idea of karma. Basically what comes around goes around, you reap what you sow, etc.. It is ,what seems, the way of the world today.  The whole idea is almost soothing to us. We get the feeling that our efforts will be rewarded when we work hard and punished when we fail or do wrong. I’ve heard it said forever that karma is a Bitch but I still think this idea is much more comfortable than another idea…..Grace.

I believe grace is entirely uncomfortable to our western (most likely all)  minds. What is it about when I screw up that makes me want to pay up? Even our modern idea’s of Christianity are basically a buying off a karmic minded god with blood and death. Is this really the ideal way to live? Waiting for the scales to balance. Making sure justice is executed in every case? What if grace is really the current that drives the universe?


Karma and the basic idea of it to me is insidious. It is religion.  It allows us to separate people and define them solely upon their actions. There is no seeking to understand. It keeps us on our high horse till we fall then we work hard to get back on it.  The next time you are tempted to glory in the “universal undeniable” truth of karma, think about it and compare it with grace. Allow what is uncomfortable about grace to seep into your heart deeply because it is the standard by which you are seen. Whether you know it or not.

Grace is unmerited favor, love and acceptance. It is not glossing over wrongdoing but looking into it and redeeming it. Grace is the counter message God has sent forth into the world in Jesus. Grace is so messy. It depends upon trust that we don’t really know the full story. Grace ,seemingly, lets the guilty off the hook. Grace is vulnerability with our weakness and our strength. It is not just some theological idea we sing about sometimes. Grace restores.  Grace doesn’t make sense but it is what I believe every soul cries for.  Grace is such Good News that Christianity has almost ruined the idea, yet that doesn’t change its transcending reality.

Rest and breathe in the grace that surrounds you.


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