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Wouldn’t it be cool if the Republican National Convention turned into a telethon to help anyone hurt by the path of Isaac? The hurricane not my son.  🙂 If it turns out to be a harmful storm.


Has our culture/world turned into or always been a collection of overly opinionated people who insist that they are “right” and those who don’t agree are  “wrong”?  How are the “wrong” people viewed and talked about? Evil, stupid, ignorant, selfish,etc. This is something I have become acutely in tune to in recent months. What is funny and sad at the same time is that it appears to be almost universal on every topic possible.  There are the standards of  Republican/Democrat/Independent,  Capitalist/Socialist/Communist,Liberal/Conservative/Moderate, Gun rights/gun control, Pro-life/Pro-choice, Pro gay marriage/ anti-gay marriage, People of faith/atheists or agnostics, predestined/free-will,  patriotism/globalism, inclusive/exclusive. Additionally there are false ones that we make up to create division such as science vs. religion  as if they are mutually exclusive.  Right and wrong, good guys vs bad guys. I experience these divisions the most when we are associating with the groups and institutions that make us feel the most comfortable and protected. These groups lash out at one another in such passion and “rightness” of their cause that there is little room to actually experience people.  Human nature it seems loves to judge. Whole institutions, networks and maybe even every society defines itself by judging. We are so stuck to it, I wonder if we are even aware of it?

Is there another way? I love to dialogue with people but I have grown to hate debating. Debating is somewhat like drinking too much; it may feel good at the time but you will feel terrible in a few hours. That is if we truly see people. Do you see the people through their opinions? Is there a commonality of all humankind that we are blind to because we cling to our “rightness”? Or is it just easier to fall into the comfort of us/them? What if there is no real us/them?   Could we look at the heart and root of the person we are talking with?

Which of your personal opinions did you come to because of an evil intent? Hmmmm. Then why do we assume that others did? The hate displayed is just plain sick. How often do you say (scapegoat) your opinions are from reason, logic, religion, nationality, as if these are objective truths rather then simply owning your subjective thoughts? There are objective truths out there. I wonder if our own baggage inhibits our ability to see it. As Richard Rohr put it, “Everything Belongs”.  Can we move to the place of giving another person the benefit of the doubt that they honestly came to their conclusions without an evil intent. If we moved to that place I think that would allow far more dialogue and change in a positive direction. The universal evils would become more clear and grace would begin to rule in the things that are far more a matter of opinion then truly right and wrong.  To truly see people in all their wonder and beauty rather than simply an enemy. “To love my neighbor as myself” This is my hope and dream and something that I experience more often all the time.

Unless you are willing to face the possibility you may be wrong it is impossible to be truly open-minded or to learn something new.

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