For some reason I have been cluing into the negativity that seems so prevalent. How do you see the world and people around you?  I think it stems from how you answer that question. Being raised in a somewhat traditional religious home I can see how this happens to a lot of believers but the skeptics also seem to focus on the negative in life as well. I think this is part of what is missing in the how the Good News has been proclaimed. If this Christian journey primarily teaches things such as; the world is evil, you are evil and your only hope is escape to heaven (with a small percent of humanity at that)  I think it falls way short of being any sort of Good News. Is there any hope for the here and now?

I think there is hope now and we can choose to have an optimistic outlook if our allow our eyes and hearts to be opened to see people. Lets look at the “evils” I addressed above. The world does truly have evil systems, governments, business’, criminals and on and on. The world is also full of love in the form of teachers, charities,social justice activists,counselors, 12 step groups, hospitals, as well as many faith-based organizations that are bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.  The blanket statements on the evil of the world just don’t hold water. We live in a mixed bag that is beyond our control. It seems our preconceived notions about the nature of things greatly impacts whether we see the good or the bad.

The rough thing to me is if I take the position of judge when I encounter anyone on a personal level. First off, I choose to operate from the position that every single person is unconditionally loved and liked by God. Jesus put on flesh and blood to come to understand humanity more fully and today he is still a man who is on our side, each and every one of us. If then this is true, why would I have any right to assume the worst of anyone? Do I even know their story, their struggles, or background. Even if I do I still have not experienced their life for them! Is it possible to give the benefit of the doubt or is that just naive or an overly idealistic view of humanity?   In my past it was very easy to assume the worst because I assumed the worst in me. How easy is it for you to not assume the worst in someone if they don’t take seriously your thoughts or advice?  That is a struggle for me at times. For the record if there is a clear wrong being done to you, you know it. Stand up for yourself and make a healthy choice. I am speaking more so to a general negative judging attitude that almost seems unconscious to many who practice it. What would your life look like if you let people own their own journey and loved them anyway? What would your life look like if you could believe things can get better or in ‘churchy’ language things can be made new?  I believe this is Good News, to trust that everyone (includes myself) is loved and wanted and this creation which God originally said was “good” is being redeemed. Right here, right now.

I do have a romantic, idealistic worldview. However, I do see the pain and suffering in this world. My heart grieves for these things. I do believe when we see people as the precious creations they are then we are able to move more decisively to right the wrongs. To make a right judgement on the wrongs in this world and work to make it right.