We were singing a song that said “to know and follow hard after you” in it. The song gave me a funny feeling and image of God playing keep away with us,  but he is the one keeping away. So we chase him. Then I had the image of the father in the story of the two sons (prodigal son,Luke 15) running and falling on his son in a big bear hug. That is when I caught the image of what I believe this whole Christian side of the Trinitarian journey is; we are following after the one who is chasing after us and we get caught up in this great dance of Father, Son, Spirit, ourselves and whoever else is hearing the music. Also, we get to help tune the ears of those around us to the music that has always been playing.

I am learning to grasp the both/and side of my journey rather than either/or. In the past I would get grouchy because of the “to know and follow hard after you” part of the song because my narrow yet inclusive view had all the emphasis on what God is doing, as if there is no value in following him. Following the One who is embracing you allows you to have confidence in this journey and  also time to relax and simply enjoy being who you are. It also allows for growth and not simply coasting. I love that I don’t have to worry about “getting it right” but get to enjoy the music along the way.